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Winn-Dixie donates 6,000 books to Team Duval; first stop at Bayview

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Sept. 19, 2018 - Never stop reading! Never stop learning!

That was the message to students at Bayview Elementary School on Tuesday, as they became the first group of Duval County Public Schools students to be surprised with hundreds of new books from Winn-Dixie.

The supermarket chain donated approximately 6,000 books to Duval County Public Schools. The books will be distributed to elementary schools throughout the district with an emphasis on schools and students where access to reading material is limited.

Book titles include: A Bad Case of Stripes; Scooby Doo:Howling on the Playground; Shelter Pet Squad; Mama, Will I be Yours Forever; and The Magic School Bus

“This is absolutely a game-changer,” said Bayview Principal Lindsey Connor. “Providing these engaging and age-appropriate books for students not only motivates them to want to learn how to read, but also gives them an opportunity to truly enjoy reading and enter into a literary world.”

Principal Connor said her heart melted watching her students cheer excitedly when the books were being passed out.

Second-grader Roslyn Willis was one of those students. She chose a book titled "Teensy Weensy Animals."

"I like to read about anything that flies," exclaimed Willis. She said reading books helps spark her imagination, especially about dragons.

This is why reading is so important said School Board Member, Becki Couch. Reading takes us to a whole new world.

Couch was one of several officials present to discuss how reading transformed their lives. She said she struggled as a student, but the more she read, the better she got.

"I encourage you to read every day," Couch told the students. "It takes you to a whole new place."

Thank you to Winn-Dixie for this generous donation and helping take our students to a whole new world through books!


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