Why do we need early release days?

Jan. 15, 2019 - Early release days may be seen as a treat for students, but parents have often described them as a hassle or inconvenience.

We have received many questions from you about the significance of early release days, and in response, we would like to share with you the value they have for students and staff.

Early release days create time for teachers to meet more frequently

Early release days were created because there was a critical need for teachers to meet more frequently to create cohesive plans for subject areas. Because full days out of school cannot happen frequently in short periods of time, we created the early release day. It can often be hard for teachers to meet during the school day because different grade levels may have different "off" times. For example: first-grade math teachers may have different planning times than second-grade math teachers. These two teachers need to meet to make sure first-graders will be fully prepared to enter second-grade the following year, or what we call vertical alignment. Meeting frequently throughout the school year ensures that teachers are staying up-to-date with one another.

Early release days help teachers stay cohesive

Teachers need to meet frequently to make sure that those who are teaching the same subject at the same grade-level are doing so at the same pace and with the same level of intensity. Taking time to look critically at student work helps our teachers make sure that the work being done is not harder in one class than in another. It also provides a time for teachers to share their best practices for individual and group strategies. Whether they are falling behind or mastering skills faster than their peers, sharing strategies ensures students are getting their needs met individually.

Early release days help teachers stay on task

Early release days allow time for teachers to take a deep look into the work they are receiving from students and make sure the work aligns to Florida state standards. Teachers want to ensure that your children are getting the highest quality education they can, and meeting to assess work is critical in making sure students are getting an education that will prepare them for the next grade level.

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