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Teacher of the Year Finalist: Sarah Pasion

Feb. 4, 2019 – “I always wanted to be a teacher,” said Sarah Pasion, Teacher of the Year finalist. “It’s my destiny.”

The fourth-grade math teacher's desire to be an educator started when she was child. She watched as her aunt, who was a teacher, got doted on by her students. She said her aunt’s students never forgot her, and she wanted to inspire children in the same way when she got older.

Pasion made her dream a reality when she came to America from the Philippines 18 years ago to pursue her degree in education. Fifteen years later, she is still carrying out the goal she set for herself as a child.

“I have a mission to inspire my students to become better academically and become better members of society,” said Pasion.

Just like her aunt, Pasion says she has students come back and tell her how much of an impact she has had on their lives. Now, some of her former fourth-graders tower over her and reminisce about the lessons she taught them.

“A teacher is more than a teacher," says Pasion. "It’s an all-around job. Some days you have to be a nurse, a guidance counselor or a second parent to these kids.”

The heart she puts into her teaching and caring for students does not go unnoticed. In addition to being a Teacher of the Year finalist, Pasion was awarded Rookie Teacher of the Year as a first-year teacher.

Editor's note: Sarah Pasion is one of five finalists for the 2019 Florida Blue Duval County Teacher of the Year. The winner will be announced at the Eddy Awards on Feb. 15. Leading up to the announcement, we will be doing a feature on each of the finalist every week. Read about the other finalists here.


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