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School Board Approves Resolution Expressing Opposition to ‘Elected Superintendent’ Local Bill J-1

Oct. 3, 2019 – The last time Duval County had an elected superintendent, the school district lost accreditation.

This was one of several points outlined in the Duval County Public School Board’s resolution to express its opposition to Local Bill J-1. The bill proposes to convert the position of the school district’s superintendent from an appointed one to an elected one.

The Board’s resolution was passed unanimously during its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 1 2019.

In its opposition, the resolution notes the 1965 study published after the district lost accreditation.

The study states that in addition to the conflicts and divided purposes that can take place between an elected board and an elected superintendent, “it is more difficult for an elected superintendent to provide the kind of creative leadership that is increasingly recognized as essential to the accomplishment of educational goals.”

The study then recommended changing the superintendent position from elected to appointed, which the district has maintained since 1969.

Since then, the resolution shows, the district has demonstrated significant academic achievements including receiving the highest B in the state of Florida for 2018-19, less than half a percentage point from an A.

To read the resolution in its entirety, click here.


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