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LaVilla School of the Arts wins 2018 Outstanding Arts School Award

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Oct. 29, 2018 - This weekend, LaVilla School of the Arts' principal, Lianna Knight and staff received the 2018 Outstanding Arts School Award on behalf of the school at the Arts Schools Network national conference in Orange County, Calif.

LaVilla is recognized for preparing students to meet high quality academic and pre-professional arts curriculum at the high school level, and providing in-school and out-of-school opportunities that enhance the students' creativity, aesthetic and critical thinking skills, self-discipline, leadership, teamwork and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Principal Knight reflected on why this award is so important to the school.

"We are very proud of our school’s recognition," said Knight. "This award is a true testament of our art and academic faculty working collaboratively to support the whole child. LaVilla is a magical place where students have the opportunity to learn, grow and create."

In addition to the school's hands-on curriculum, Knight said Lavilla's community partners like The Cummer Art Museum and Gardens, The Jacksonville Zoo, and the Museum of Contemporary Art help create pathways that pave the way to student success in the arts.

Congratulations to all those who work to make LaVilla School of the Arts outstanding!

Pictured: Molly Riefler of Visual Arts, Principal Lianna Knight, Sam Fisher of Drama, Cheryl Lunger of Visual Arts and Chris Banks of Percussion.


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