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Kirby Smith Rising Readers rise to promote literacy

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

May 15, 2018 - “Writing my story helped me realize that I learned a lesson and wanted to share this lesson with others,” said Kirby-Smith Middle School eighth-grader Ioseph Tudor.

Ioseph is one of 30 rising student authors at Kirby-Smith Middle School who are literally writing a new chapter in their academic journey. The students – also known as “Rising Readers” – are not only writing and illustrating their own books, but they’re also promoting literacy among younger students by sharing their stories with elementary schoolers and teaching mini lessons.

Today, they were at Ortega and John Love elementary schools. Ioseph read her story, entitled “Love is in You” to first graders at the schools. Her book is about a female African-American student who discovers her unique beauty in the face of negative messages from mass media and her friends.

Other titles include “Oaky’s Tale” which is about the environment; “The Full Effect” which is an anthology of poetry about anti-bullying; and “The Creature of the St John’s River” which is about making new friends.

The Rising Readers spend the year writing and illustrating their books. Great job to these students who are truly turning the page in self-expression, mentoring and promoting literacy.


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