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Jumbo Shrimp celebrates students for fighting the blight

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Sept. 13, 2018 - When it comes to being green, students at John Stockton Elementary and Darnell-Cookman School for the Medical Arts are knocking the ball out of the park.

Students at both schools were recently recognized by the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp for their environmental activities and participation in the City of Jacksonville's "Fight Blight" initiative.

Not only did they get a special visit from the Shrimp's mascot, but the students were also provided free tickets to a game.

The "Fight Blight" initiative encourages students to fight blight with anti-litter campaigns such as coordinating school and neighborhood cleanups; issuing "sight-ations" to students seen picking trash up around school; and taking the "Blight Squad Pledge."

In addition to their "Fight Blight" efforts, students at John Stockton Elementary were awarded the "Green Champion of the Year" award last year for their unique green initiatives. These included creating a form of glitter using natural material instead of micro-plastics; creating reusable coffee sleeves and handing them out to school staff; and harvesting a vegetable garden!

Great job to John Stockton and Darnell-Cookman students for doing their part to keep Jacksonville green!


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