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Hedgehogs, squirrels and crazy costumes! Mandarin Oaks teacher showcases unique classroom style

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Oct. 16, 2019 - From the moment students step into Mrs. Ana "Mac" Andenmatten's classroom, they're greeted with the unconventional — including elaborate costumes, and a pair of prickly hedgehogs.

But for the first-grade teacher, it's the unconventional that's leading to impressive results. That is, young students engaged in and excited about learning.

"Every kid loves science," says Andenmatten. "Why not get them excited about it so next year they’re begging for science? And then when they get to the testing grades in science, they already have a good foundation."

The Team Duval video team spent time with the Mandarin Oaks Elementary teacher as she led students through a series of hands-on activities. Watch to learn more about her key instructional strategies, as well as her passion for student success.


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