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Join the conversation on condition of Duval's school buildings

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Jan. 22, 2019 - Duval has the oldest schools in Florida with the majority of schools being more than 50 years old. The condition of our schools buildings impact property values, local business development, and most importantly, student learning.

Join the School Board Members and Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene to learn more about our schools and the process to improve the learning environment for our teachers and students. There will be a moderated discussion where your questions will be answered.

Please note that these meetings will primarily provide an overview of the status of our buildings. No recommendations have been determined at this time. We are still working with outside contractors to determine tentative recommendations, and will hold meetings later this spring to go over those recommendations.

Join the conversation, Team Duval. The following meetings begin promptly at 6 p.m.:

Thursday, Jan. 31

Loretto Elementary School

3900 Loretto Road

Hosted by The Honorable Lori Hershey

Thursday, Feb. 7

Paxon School for Advanced Studies

3239 Norman E. Thagard Blvd.

Hosted by The Honorable Warren Jones

Monday, Feb. 11

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

2445 San Diego Road

Hosted by The Honorable Ashley Smith Juarez

Tuesday, Feb. 12

Alimacani Elementary School

2051 San Pablo Road S.

Hosted by The Honorable Elizabeth Andersen

Monday, Feb. 25

Edward White Leadership Academy

1700 Old Middleburg Road

Hosted by The Honorable Charlotte Joyce

Wednesday, Feb. 27

Andrew Jackson High School

3816 N. Main Street

Hosted by The Honorable Darryl Willie

Thursday, Feb. 28

Terry Parker High School

7301 Parker School Road

Hosted by The Honorable Cheryl Grymes

Editor's Note: Periodically, the district commissions what’s called a “Facility Condition Index” or FCI. This is a process by which all the district’s school buildings and facilities are assessed. The FCI is used to help create a “Master Plan” in which recommendations are made. Recommendations can include repairs, school closures and/or new school buildings. The results of the most recent FCI were shared with Board members this past December. The above community meetings are the next step in the process. At these meetings, the FCI results will be  discussed. Later in the spring, as recommendations are developed, the district will host community meetings to go over the recommendations.


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