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Fake injuries, but real lessons for Mandarin High's Medical Academy seniors

Nov. 20, 2018 - The cuts and bruises are very, very fake, but Mandarin High school students said the lessons learned in their crisis-simulated training were very real.

Earlier this month, the school's Medical Academy seniors participated in a city-wide decontamination training with Baptist South Medical Center. This event -- created to train local hospitals and emergency services in times of crisis -- was opened to the academy's seniors for the first time to experience how professionals react to an emergency situation in the most realistic way possible.

The students wore life-like special effects makeup to mimic the injuries caused by a hypothetical crisis. The make-up simulated a range of fake injuries from sprained ankles to gaping wounds.

Dewberry's students walked through the chaos with pertinent medical information written on cards hanging around their necks. They were able to see how Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) plans are put into action by professionals in a real-world situation.

Program Director Renate Dewberry said this training brought the program's curriculum to life.

"Our students at this time are learning OSHA," said Dewberry. "They have been creating their own medical facilities and focusing on the importance of safety and the 'what-ifs' happened during a business day."


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